Outsourcing of Accounting and Financial Processes

By hiring the Outsourcing services (Business Process Outsourcing) of administrative, financial, and operative activities, our customers have refined their processes, reduced cost structure, and improved performance.

We offer this process to companies that prefer to outsource one part of their activity, and in doing so, focus on and improve in certain functions and specialize in increasing efficiency and saving time.

Currently, outsourcing is being used (BPO) with the objective of making businesses grow dynamically.

We believe in the benefits of outsourcing, considering that businesses hire us to guarantee completion of a task specifically and automatically.

What represents the company is not only cost savings, but also our commitment to engage in complex tasks and the security of obtaining a desired result.

We are a foreign partner of an institution with the responsibility of daily operations of certain processes, in order to give the administration the freedom to focus on the critical processes of the business.

The Preparation and Evaluation of Projects

The decision-making process related to the feasibility and convenience of new business projects should without a doubt start from a very adequate evaluation process.

In an economical context characterized by the changeability in key variables, it is important to have dynamic analysis tools which take into account uncertainty.

We focus our work on:

  1. Applying the methodology of investment projects in the formulation of studies at a feasible level.
  2. Conducting an in-depth financial or business project evaluation, so as to discern on whether or not to undertake certain investments, and to grant or request certain financing.
  3. Identifying the principle interrelationships between the projects and strategic planning.

Some of our services in this area are:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Simulation
  • Stress tests
  • Survey and Statistical Analysis
  • Survey and Statistical Analysis

The use of statistical techniques is becoming increasingly common in the management of institutions. This is a very powerful analysis tool, providing a mathematical focus to the reality of the company.

Our business possesses experience and high qualifications among its resources, forming working groups in which people licensed in statistics and professionals from other areas of economical sciences participate.

GFM provides statistical advice and consultancy to different sized organizations, public or private, ensuring personalized service and high technical quality. Our professionals in this field are themselves teachers and university researchers.